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Elements Day Spa & Salon

Relax, Rejuvenate, & Revive with nature's elements...

Esthetic Skin Services

15 min Age Spot treatment-$60

1-4 age spots-$35

15 min Skin Tag treatment-$60

1-4 skin tags- $35

15 min Capillary/Spider vein treatment-$60

1-4 areas- $35

15 min Wart treatment-%60

1-4 warts- $35

15 min Red Angiomas- $60

1-4 angiomas-$35

15 min Sebacious Cyst/Acne treatment -$60

1-4 cysts or pustules -$35

*Some may require a second appointment for touch-up work, which will be at a discounted rate.

*These services are also available as an add-on to a facial at a discounted rate.